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How a PABX Service Works

PABX is an acronym that stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange, which is basically another term for a telephone system that is also known as switchboard. These switchboards are essential for use in offices to facilitate communication between departments. This technology increases efficiency and has been adopted by many companies all over the world.



Telephone System Support is composed of internal lines that connect to a main switchboard. When talking of the switchboard, people will always mention the word branch. This word is used because there are many different mediums that are connected to the PABX. All these branches enable proper communication of all the different departments in the business. These systems are very complex and can be used as telephones, modems, or fax machines, giving departments more options for communicating internally.



A PABX is basically a modem that acts as a central control station for the entire communication system in your business. When a call comes in, it is the work of the PABX to route it to the specific department or individual. To route the phone calls correctly, the PABX assigns special codes to each phone number within the company. When a call is made, the PABX determines the code or the recipient and routes the call appropriately. The same method works for fax and texts.



In the modern day, PABX machines have been improved so that they can be controlled by computers. The computer is responsible for tracking the incoming and outgoing calls, switching, and improving efficiency. Computer systems can be personalized to limit the number of calls made or the time spent on calls. It also provides an efficient way of tracking the way your staff uses the organization's phone. Visit this website at for more facts about VoIP.



Many businesses benefit from the computerized PABX systems because they work automatically. Each and every call will be handled to some extent even if there is nobody to answer. It is easy to set up an automatic reply, among other features that will enable efficiency. This makes PABX systems the best for companies that receive a lot of calls.



PABX systems can also be used to conduct conference calls, which is very useful for businesses where departments are situated separately or has other branches. It is also helpful for those who deal with international clients through phone. There are very many uses of the PABX system in a business setting. It is up to you to determine the communication needs of your business and implement a Telephone Company in Dubai the right way to cater for all these needs.